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Camping du Jura with wellness area

Always concerned about your well-being, our Jura campsite offers you a small private relaxation area with a barrel sauna for 4 people, as well as a cold shower and deckchairs to relax. What could be more pleasant than taking care of yourself during your holidays in the mountains.

The action of the sauna on the body

When entering the sauna, the body faces a temperature of around 80°c depending on the type of sauna and the power of the stove used. The reaction of the cardiovascular system at this temperature is immediate: dilation of blood vessels and increase in heart rate. The skin then starts to sweat profusely, the pores dilate. The body secretes endorphins that help to relax.

After 10-15 minutes, you leave the sauna to take a shower or a cold bath. The action of cold tightens the pores of the skin and revitalizes the body. The hot and cold alternations are then alternated up to three times, not forgetting to rehydrate well between each sauna session to recover the perspired water.

It is possible to lose up to one litre of water during a sauna session. Unlike the hammam, the heat of the sauna is dry and felt more intensely. It is better to start the sauna session on the lower benches to get used to the temperature.

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